Bonding Procedures

OWN RECOGNIZANCE BOND: The judge can release you on your promise to appear in court when required, but this can only be done by court order.

CASH BOND: A cash bond requires the full amount of the bond in cash, which may be returned to you at the completion of your case in court – fines and cost may be held from this. The clerk of the court will be responsible for the return of your bond money.

10% CASH BOND: A 10% cash bond requires 10% of the amount of the bond. This bond money may be returned to you at the completion of the case after deduction of fines, costs, fees and other matters ordered by the court.

CREDIT CARD BOND: Available through

Or you may come in with cash or credit card to use the machine in the lobby of the Daviess County Security Center.

Before paying a bond online or in the lobby, you must first contact the Booking Officer.

BONDING TIMES: The Daviess County Security Center bonds people out 24 Hours a day, 7 Days a week, however, some violent crimes require a minimum of 8 hours or more before a person can bond. Also anyone under the influence of a drug or alcohol may require a minimum amount of time before they can bond.