The Rooted Project

The Rooted Project: Growing Healthy Communities

Growing Healthy Communities

Healthy communities are critical for promoting long-term well-being and health. At The Rooted Project, we believe in connecting people to the resources they need to build strong, healthy roots in Daviess County, Indiana. We aim to bring healthcare services, educational programs, and other vital resources directly to your neighborhood. We understand the importance of building strong foundations, and we are committed to helping every member of our community thrive. Whether you're struggling with a health issue, looking for resources to support your family, or simply seeking to build a better future, The Rooted Project is here to support you every step of the way. Join us in building a healthier Daviess County.

Resource Specialist/ Community Health Worker

Our dedicated resource specialist is available to assist you in finding the resources and services you need to build a healthy and thriving life in Daviess County. Our team is committed to helping you thrive, providing tailored support that is uniquely designed to meet your individual goals. Whether you're looking for housing assistance, healthcare options, or access to community programs, we have the expertise and knowledge to lead the way. Reach out to us today and let's start building a healthier, happier you!

Contact Information: 
Phone: (812) 254-8666 x2520
Google Voice/What's App: (812) 610-1481

  • Resource Guide- English
  • Resource Guide-Spanish
  • Resource Guide-Haitian Creole

Community Partners/Organizations

We express our gratitude for the invaluable collaboration of local community organizations that have joined us in bringing the Rooted Project to fruition. For details on participating in this initiative, please contact the Community Health Coordinator at

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