Surveyor's Office

The County Surveyor is established by the Indiana Constitution as an elected office with a four-year term with no limit to the number of consecutive terms a surveyor may be elected.


The duties of the office are addressed in Indiana Code: Title 36, Article 2, Chapter 12, Sections 1 - 15. In Daviess County, the primary duties of the Surveyor's office include:

  1. Section corner location and perpetuation;
  2. Maintenance of a Legal Survey Record Book;
  3. Collection and preservation of survey data within the county; and
  4. Provides business location verifications for the Indiana Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

In addition, the surveyor serves as:

  • A technical adviser to the Daviess County Commissioners
  • A member of Daviess County Advisory Plan Commission
  • A citizen's advocate for the integrity and protection of property corners, lines, and rights within the county