Military Discharge Papers

A DD 214 or military discharge paper is required to initiate claims for benefits and may be recorded at the local County Recorder's Office or requested from the National Archives.

Request a DD 214 

o    Request a DD 214

After filling out the request from the above link,  please see table below of what you will need to bring into the office in order to get a copy of DD 214 or military discharge.  The County Veteran Service Officer may be able to assist you with getting a copy.

What to bring to Recorder's Office to get a copy

If you are: Bring to Recorder's Office
The veteran Photo ID
County Veteran Service Officer Photo ID that identifies the person as CVSO
Funeral Director Photo ID & Funeral Director's License
Surviving Spouse or Next of Kin Photo ID & Copy of Veteran's Death Certificate
Attorney Photo ID & POA for Veteran
Legal Guardian Photo ID & Court Order of Guardianship
Personal Representative of the Estate Photo ID & Court Order of Appointment