Fee Schedule


  • Deeds - $25
  • Mortgages - $55
    • Includes mortgages, subordinate mortgages corrective mortgages, re-recorded mortgages, indentures, and supplemental indentures
  • All Other Documents - $25
    • The fee includes 1 oversize page
    • Additional pages exceeding 8 1/2 by 14 inches within any document shall be charged - $5
  • Mechanics Lien Including One Mail Out - $25
    • Each Additional Mail Out - $2
  • Daviess County Indiana Only Accepts Oil and Gas Lease Assignments as Blanket Documents - $25
    • Each Additional Reference After the First  - $7
    • Documents must be in 10-point or larger font, typed on white paper of at least 20-pound weight (no permanently bound or continuous forms).

Copy Fees

  • Copies 11 by 17-Inches or Smaller Per Page - $1
  • Copies Larger Than 11 by 17-Inches Per Page - $5
  • Certified Copies - $5, plus per-page copy fee

We accept cash, check, or credit card

Please note: As of July 1, 2001, all financing statements involving "consumer goods" are to be filed at the Indiana Secretary of State's Office. Failure to file in the proper office may affect the perfection of the filing. Consumer goods mean goods that are used or bought for the use primarily for personal, family, or household purposes.

All instruments must meet the recording form and legibility statutes.