Highway Department


The Daviess County Highway Department is responsible for all roads, bridges, and small structures (less than 20-foot span) within Daviess County which are not state highways and which are not within the corporate limits of a city or town. They are also responsible for bridges that have a span of 20 feet or greater on all roads which are not state highways.

Daviess County has ten townships with approximately 800 miles of roadway and rights of way. 126 bridges, 119 small structures, and over 2,571 culverts to maintain.

The Daviess County Highway Department strives for safe and accessible roadways and continues to work to improve the transportation infrastructure for the citizens of Daviess County.

Issues Outside Our Jurisdiction

If you have a concern for a road problem that is not within Daviess County's jurisdiction, you may contact the following agencies:

  • Town of Alfordsville
    Phone: 812-644-7567
  • Town of Cannelburg
    Phone: 812-486-3672
  • Town of Elnora
    Phone: 812-692-5415
  • Town of Montgomery
    Phone: 812-486-3298
  • Town of Odon
    Phone: 812-636-4321
  • Town of Plainville
    Phone: 812-687-7300
  • City of Washington
    Phone: 812-254-4564
  • Indiana Department of Transportation - Vincennes District
    Phone: 812-895-7309