Superior Court

Superior Court Judges are elected by popular vote and serve a six-year term.  Daviess Superior Court handles all criminal offenses. Superior Court handles some previous small claims and civil litigation.

Presiding Judge

The Superior Court Judge is the Honorable Dean A. Sobecki.

Why can't I talk to the judge about my case?

Communication with the judge outside the presence or hearing of the other parties is called "ex parte" communication.  This type of communication is prohibited by the Code of Judicial Conduct, Rule 2.9, because it would be unfair to allow any party to a pending litigation to talk with the judge privately or in secret.  Communication with the judge may only occur in open court; by telephone with all parties either on the phone in person or by counsel; or by written communication, a copy of which is provided to all parties.  Be aware that any written communication to the judge will be shared with all parties.  When circumstances require it, ex parte communications may be permitted for scheduling or administrative purposes