Traffic Infractions

InfractionFee Amount
Driving While Suspended$140.50
Standard Traffic Infractions$136.50
Conservation Infractions$136.00
Speeding Infraction (1 to 24 miles per hour over the limit)$136.50
Speeding Infraction (25 to 29 miles per hour over the limit)$145.50
Speeding Infraction (30 mph miles per hour up over the limit)$160.50
Seat Belt Infraction$25.00
Child Restraint$25.00
Failure to Yield to an Emergency Vehicle$160.50

Fees are effective December 6, 2021.

Payment Options

The accepted forms of payment in the Clerk's Office are cash, money orders and cashier's checks.

Online payments may be made by going to the Indiana Public Courts Online Services website.  Charges will apply.


  • Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles Public Call Center
    Phone: 317-233-6000
  • License Reinstatements
    Phone: 888-myBMV-411 (888-692-6841)