Taxing Districts

Taxpayers are required to report to the taxing district in which the asset/equipment is located on March 1. Daviess County has 17 different taxing districts. The situs address on March 1st will determine the taxing district.

How to Determine Your Taxing District

To determine your Taxing District, visit the county's Geographic Information Systems, and search by the situs address. Once located, the tax district can be determined by using the last 3 digits of the parcel id number associated with that address. Those 3 digits should be preceded by "14".

For example, if the last 3 digits of the parcel number are "001", your taxing district number would be 14001.

Contact Us

You can also contact the Assessor's Office at 812-254-8660 for assistance in determining which district you should report to.